Welcome to DURAMOULD.... 
Duramould Architectural Mouldings the creator of precoated architectural mouldings continues to set the industry standard.
Duramould recognizes that the exterior facade may be the most important standard by which the owner and general public measure the quality of a building.
architectural features
  • very lightweight
  • easy to transport and install
  • reduced build time 
  • endless product range to suit your needs 
  • has the look and feel of  concrete or stone 
  • strong and durable
Duramould Architectural Mouldings is one of the largest manufacturers of pre-coated polystyrene architectural details in Australia. We can arch any profile to your exact specifications and to any custom designs that you require. With the capacity to produce hundreds of lineal metres daily, Duramould can easily meet the demand from the smaller residential job, to the larger commercial projects.
Duramould's unique system consists of adhesive, computer cut polystyrene foam shape, the mandatory use of alkali resistant reinforcing mesh and a lightweight flexible polymer modified cementitious coating.
Duramould offers an extensive range of profiles to choose from, including columns, bases, arches, cornices as well as custom shapes.
Duramould is the right choice!